low price Laminar Jet Fountain

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Laminar jumping jet water fountain
Laminar jumping jet fountain is a device that sprays pressurized water into a glassy shape, and then uses a stepping motor to drive the water flap to rotate. The pressure water enters the filter bucket through the water inlet, and the water enters the filter bucket and is filtered and rectified by the filter. It is sprayed from the spout to form a water column that is as transparent as a glass rod. Then the stepper motor drives the baffle to move, and the water column is cut into segments to eject it, which is extremely valuable and interesting.
Parameter of jumping jet fountain nozzle (SS304)
SizeSmall SizeMedium SizeLarge SizeExtra-large Size
Model NumberHXTQ-20-10HXTQ-40-16HXTQ-40-18
Holder of the Nozzle50mm70mm50mm70mm
Water Outlet10mm16mm18mm18mm
Connection SizeDN20DN40
Water Flow(m3)2468
Water Spray Span(m)1.32.545
Water Spray Height(m)1.322.83
Remark:Stepping Motor Jumping Water Fountain (Drive Included)low price Laminar Jet Fountain
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